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Nouveau project à Old Crow! Pascale en entrevue avec Marie Villeneuve

Jeudi le 14 janvier Pascale discutait du nouveau project à Old Crow avec Marie Villeneuve, à l’émission Phare Ouest de radio Canada.

Ce projet vise à élucider les liens entre la dégradation du pergélisol et l’arbustification, pour mieux comprendre ses potentiels impacts sur la qualité de l’eau et aider la communauté à se préparer aux futurs changements qui affecteront son territoire.

New video for the permafrost exhibit at Dynamic Earth

The permafrost exhibit “Under the Arctic” developed by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is now at Dynamic Earth, in Sudbury, and it is awesome. At the The LU Permafrost Research Laboratory , we had a chance to work with the Science North/Dynamic Earth team to make a new video for the exhibit, that highlights some local research focused on Canadian permafrost!

Rob Gagné and Dustin Liikane, from Science North and Dynamic Earth, came to the Living with Lakes Research Centre to film Adam, Chantae, and Pascale processing samples and talking about permafrost research (see photos below). Rob produced an awesome video by combining this footage with photos of permafrost research, and footage provided by Sam Hunter and by the Pascale’s research partners from the ArcticNet project ‘Humans in a thawing landscape’.

Be sure to go to the exhibit and check out this new video on permafrost research starring some local permafrost talent!

Opening of the permafrost exhibit at Dynamic Earth!

The permafrost exhibit “Under the Arctic” developed by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is now at Dynamic Earth, in Sudbury. The LU Permafrost Research Laboratory worked with Dynamic Earth to add a Canadian component, and participated in the opening events on Feburary 11th, 2020.

The Canadian component of the exhibit includes a large map of permafrost distribution in Canada, and photos of permafrost features found accross the country (thank you to A Lewkowicz, A Kirkwood, S Kokelj, N Mykytczuk, T Pretzlaw, N Basiliko, and A Boisson for providing photos from across the country!).

Just before the opening, Pascale joined Dustin and Jennifer to help train the interpretive staff (the ‘Bluecoats‘) who will be working with the public in the permafrost exhibit.

On the day of the opening, was there to make a video and article on the event, which included a press release and a presentation by Pascale, Adam, and Cassandra to a group of about 90 students (grades 4 to 6).

We had a great time working with Dynamic Earth/Science North, and are happy to have contributed to this awesome permafrost exhibit in Sudbury!

Pascale parle de l’exposition sur le pergélisol de Terre Dynamique à Jonction 11-17, Radio Canada

Pascale a visité l’exposition sur le pergélisol ‘Under the Arctic’ à Terre Dynamique avec Sophie-Houle Drapeau. L’entrevue a été diffusée à l’émission Jonction 11-17, le jeudi 20 février, 2020. Vous pouvez l’écouter en suivant le lien ci-dessous.

Pascale parle des enjeux du pergélisol à l’émission Les années-lumières de Radio-Canada

Pascale et Fabric Calmels, du Yukon Research Centre, parlent des enjeux de la recherche sur le pergélisol.

L’entrevue peut-être entendue ici.

Fabrice Calmels à Old Crow (YT)
Pascale Roy-Léveillée près de Whitehorse (YT)