I teach courses in the Geography Program of the School of Northern and Community IMG_0011_sliderStudies at Laurentian University. All my courses include lectures and practical assignments and some courses, such as Geomorphology, include field outings. Equipment and transport for these essential components of the course are funded by the Goodman School of Mines at Laurentian University.

Permafrost (GEOG4256-EL) (Course ad from winter 2017)

This course introduces the study of permafrost with emphasis on permafrost distribution, physical properties, and impacts on terrain conditions. Topics include ground thermal regime, ground-ice content, permafrost degradation, and landforms associated with the occurrence of permafrost. Pre-requisites: GEOG10126, ENVI 1507, or equivalent experience.

Introduction to Physical Geography (GEOG1026-EL)

This course presents a broad survey of the key components of environmental systems and is designed to prepare the student for further study in the different areas of physical geography. Topics include mapping and geographic information systems, weather and climate, landform processes, soils and ecosystems. The course focuses on the development of skills to describe and interpret environmental data.

Geomorphology 1 (GEOG2106-EL)

This course introduces the study of landforms and landscapes, with an emphasis on DSC_1148_sliderprocess and on the effect of varying environmental conditions. Topics include geologically controlled landforms, weathering, mass wasting and slope development, as well as the effects of runoff, stream flow and waste action. Lectures and laboratory work. A one-day field trip is required. PREREQ: ENVI 1507 or GEOG 1026.

Introduction to Cartography (GEOG2016-EL)

An introduction to the concepts, terminology and technologies involved in computer-assisted digital mapping. Basic concepts for understanding geographic information and mapping are emphasized. Lectures and laboratory work.

Introduction à la cartographie (GEOG2016-FL)

On présente des concepts de base nécessaires à la compréhension du processus de représentation et d’utilisation des informations géographiques. Il y aura une introduction aux concepts, à la terminologie et aux techniques liés à la cartographie assistée par ordinateur. Quelques sessions en laboratoire font partie du cours.

Directed studies (GEOG-4985EL)

IMG_0003_sliderAn opportunity for students to do special studies in the field of geography. I can supervise
students interested in doing a directed study in physical geography, particularly on topics that pertain to northern environments. The workload may involve literature reviews, periodic discussions, and laboratory or field work if relevant.

Senior seminar and thesis (GEOG-4995EL)

I can supervise students interested in writing a physical geography thesis, particularly thesis topics that pertain to northern environments. The workload may involve a combination of GIS, air photo interpretation, laboratory work, field work, and modelling. If you are interested in studying permafrost or ground temperatures for your thesis, please talk to me and see opportunities advertised here.