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Pascale parle des enjeux du pergélisol à l’émission Les années-lumières de Radio-Canada

Pascale et Fabric Calmels, du Yukon Research Centre, parlent des enjeux de la recherche sur le pergélisol.

L’entrevue peut-être entendue ici.

Fabrice Calmels à Old Crow (YT)
Pascale Roy-Léveillée près de Whitehorse (YT)

Pascale parle avec Éric Robitaille à l’émission Jonction 11-17, de Radio-Canada, Sudbury

On October 24th, Pascale discusses a recent article published by members of the Permafrost Carbon Network in Nature Communications on CO2 emissions from the ground during the freezing season in circumpolar permafrost areas.

You can hear the interview here:

We just returned from collecting field data for a follow-up study aimed at better understanding the factors controlling soil microbial respiration during the cold season.

Pascale collects a core from the upper layers of permafrost in central Yukon (photo N Basiliko)

Pascale en entrevue à Radio-Canada avec Marie Villeneuve pour Phare Ouest

On October 15th 2019, while doing field work in the Yukon, Pascale spoke with Radio-Canada’s Phare Ouest host, Marie Villeneuve, about her permafrost research in the Yukon and the recent $5.5 M funding received by PermafrostNet.